Useradd bash script for 389 LDAP

We started using 389 LDAP (aka Fedora Directory Server) for user and group management in our research computing environment. Instead of managing users, groups and passwords on each and every machine, we just put them in LDAP and have all the machines authenticate users centrally; it’s not rocket science (people have been doing centralized LDAP […]

CentOS mirror script

If you’ve got more than two or three CentOS machines on your network, it’s really a waste of time and bandwidth for each machine to download the same updates as the previous/next machine. Or, sometimes you tell your users “I just need 5 minutes to run some updates and reboot” and it ends up being […]

CentOS 6.4 With SELinux Enforcing Denies Mount Action to glusterd

Update: As of March 13, 2013 there is an updated SELinux policy package which fixes this error. The versions are: selinux-policy-3.7.19-195.el6_4.3.noarch and selinux-policy-targeted-3.7.19-195.el6_4.3.noarch Everything’s going great deploying a new GlusterFS-based NAS at work, when all of a sudden we hit a snag: I updated one of my client machines from CentOS 6.3 → 6.4, and now SELinux […]