New Linodes Are Fast!

In April, 2014 Linode rolled out a major infrastructure upgrade for their VPSes. When I saw that their update included SSDs (among other things) on all new instances, my mind instantly went to this dog-slow Tomcat application I currently have running in an Amazon EC2 m1.medium instance. I bought a shiny new Linode 2048 and […]

Ubuntu GCC > 4.4.x considered harmful!

Note: I’ve since updated the build server in question to Ubuntu 12.04, where the default GCC is 4.6.3. It seems that at least some of these issues have been corrected in GCC. Your mileage may vary. –Alan, April 28, 2012 I’ve been having some problems with Ubuntu 11.10’s default GCC (4.6.2) for some time now. […]

MythTV with HDMI on Mythbuntu

My new build server doubles as a media front end running MythTV. Because the machine has plenty of disk space and CPU power, it can play high-definition video stutter free even with eight threads compiling Linux, Android, etc in the background. MythTV itself isn’t perfect, but after you get used to its quirks you start […]

Building Android 4.0 on Ubuntu 11.10

The source code for Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” was released last week, and Google’s build instructions list Ubuntu 10.04 as the only officially “supported” configuration for building AOSP on Linux. As of this writing Ubuntu 10.04 is a year and a half old, so lots of people have moved on to newer versions, some […]

Creating Debian packages for Linux kernels >= 3.0.0 in Ubuntu

The following sequence no longer creates a working “linux-headers” Debian package when compiling Linux kernels newer than version 2.6.x under Ubuntu (tested here with Ubuntu 11.04 and Linux kernel 3.0): cd linux-3.0 make-kpkg clean export CONCURRENCY_LEVEL=4 fakeroot make-kpkg –initrd kernel-image kernel-headers As noted in this Launchpad bug report for the `kernel-package` package, there is a […]