Leveraging the Ansible Python API for Infrastructure Reporting

A few days ago I had to get some basic information from a handful of servers for an inventory report—just basic stuff like hostname, IP address, storage capacity, distro version, etc. I already manage all of my servers with Ansible, and there’s a wealth of information available in Ansible’s setup module, so I knew there […]

Publishing static sites with Pelican

There’s a lot of buzz from the hipsters about static site generation using Python and Ruby tools. A few that I just overheard while standing in line at Starbucks: Pelican Octopress – “A blogging framework for hackers” Jekyll Tinkerer – “Blogging for Pythonistas” nanoc Despite being popular almost exclusively with hipsters, I can see the […]

Generate salted shadow hashes using Python crypt()

The other day I was doing some server setups (using ansible for automation) and I needed to create the same user/password on four different machines. It’s easy with ansible’s user module, but you need to provide a pre-hashed password. The key is to use python’s crypt.crypt(), which you can do interactively from a python shell: […]