Remove all XFCE packages on Arch Linux

A few weeks ago, in a moment of weakness, I installed xfce4 and xfce4-goodies. I was having problems with GNOME 3.8 on my hipster Samsung Series 9 laptop, and decided maybe XFCE (4.10.1 as of this writing) was the answer. Nope. GTFO. I went back to GNOME and forgot the affair ever happened… until now, […]

Broken KVM guests with libvirt-1.0.2 on Arch Linux

After recent updates I am no longer able to run KVM guests using libvirt/virsh. I’m not sure if it’s the new dependency on audit (2.2.2-1 at the time of writing) or libvirt-1.0.2-2 itself, but guests fail to start for obscure reasons: # virsh start debian6-dspace error: Failed to start domain debian6-dspace error: internal error process […]