Wi-Fi working on Tab 7.0 Plus CyanogenMod 9

The Galaxy Tab 7.7s have had Wi-Fi for a week or so now, but I haven’t been able to get it working on the Tab 7.0 Plus. We use the exact same wireless chipset, hardware revision, kernel source, wireless driver, etc… but no go. Today, to my surprise, I turned on my tablet and then BAM, Wi-Fi!

Dunno why it finally decided to work today, but at least I’ve seen that it CAN work; we can only go up from here!

The road ahead

In other news, we’re learning that our Exynos 4210-based tabs have a lot of wireless stuff in common with the HP Touchpad (aka “Tenderloin” in the CyanogenMod world), so hopefully we can all work together to get stable Wi-Fi on these devices.

As far as the tools we’re using, compat-wireless is proving to be a promising route for us, as they have an actively-maintained ath6kl driver (which supports our wireless chipset). Also, the Samsung Origen development board also uses an Atheros chipset and has a working compat-wireless implementation, and Linaro has some literature about this chipset.

Stay tuned!