CyanogenMod 10 beta for Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

I’ve just finished putting the final touches on the first beta build of CyanogenMod 10 for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus. It feels like it was just the other day that I started working on the CyanogenMod 9 alpha. Jellybean is what Ice Cream Sandwich should have been; it focuses on optimizing Android performance (“butter”) and further improving the tablet user experience.

While Jellybean was released to AOSP a few months ago, CyanogenMod 10 itself is still in an early stage, but it’s already a joy to use on my P6200.

As you can see, the default layout looks different than in Ice Cream Sandwich. This layout, with the ever-present notification bar and dock, has been coined the “Phablet” UI (as it combines aspects of both tablet and phone UIs). It’s also the interface which is present on the Google Nexus 7 tablet. I’m still not sure whether I like losing the screen real estate to the application dock, but the notification drawer is a welcome change. 🙂


Off the top of my head, everything seems to be working which was already working in CyanogenMod 9. I haven’t tested extensively, but wifi, cameras, bluetooth, sensor-based acceleration, autobrightness, etc all seem to be working…

More screenshots

Here are some more screen shots showing off the phone/tablet “Phablet” user interface as well as the “About this tablet” screen.


Download links, change logs, discussion, etc are all over on the XDA Developers forum, here:

7 thoughts on “CyanogenMod 10 beta for Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

    1. Hey, Marc. Nope, didn’t try that one. Looks like it’s powered by an AllWinner A10 chipset? Lots of people have been talking about those… cheap, powerful, hackable.

  1. Nice, smooth and buttery. But the back button being in the middle is a pain. Also why won’t it rotate the screen on the homescreen like ICS. you HAVE to use it landscape then when you open an app it rotates verticle. Please try fix this.

  2. hey, I like the work you are doing. I want to fix the WiFi teethering but I can’t seem to get the source downloaded on my machine(Ubuntu 12.04). Any idea on how I should start? I have the Samsung ICS Kernel and framework for GT-P6200 for ICS, will it be of help?

    1. I haven’t looked at the wifi tethering, so I actually don’t know what’s wrong with it. I’m not sure the problem is with the kernel, we might just need to configure the Board makefile. You should clone CyanogenMod 10 repos first, and then add our Galaxy Tab 7 Plus device tree, kernel, and vendor blobs. Get a build working first!

  3. Please fix the landscape homescreen, it is annoying since the orientation of this tablet is portrait.
    Thanks for this!

    1. Well you can change the orientation of the home screen (and lock screen, btw)… go to settings and poke around in Display (or is it in Launcher prefs?).

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