RIL working on Huawei U8185 on CyanogenMod 9

It’s still a bit rough, but the RIL is now working on the Huawei U8185 on CyanogenMod 9. As you can see, I have network bars, and an SMS has just come in:

GSM radio working on CyanogenMod 9
GSM radio working on CyanogenMod 9

I’m using Dazzozo’s prototype HuaweiQualcommRIL class, which he based on CyanogenMod’s QualcommRIL, but added changes from decompiling Huawei’s RIL in the Gingerbread stock ROM. The credit goes to him for doing the hard work on his Huawei Ascend G300 (a cousin to our device, with which we’re already sharing a kernel); all I had to do was add a bunch of RIL-related proprietary blobs, add some services, and make sure all the device nodes had proper permissions.

As always, the code is on github. Maybe now we can get more people to help with developing this device!

11 thoughts on “RIL working on Huawei U8185 on CyanogenMod 9

  1. hey, can a g300 custom rom run in the u8185 since they have the same kernel version?
    I am really eager to install a custom rom in my newly rooted u8185!

    1. No! G300 is a completely different device; the kernel is only one part of the puzzle. 😀 And there are no custom ROMs yet for U8185.

  2. Hey, I picked one of these little phones to hack around; it’s neat! I’m going to try to reproduce the process you quote in a previous post to build CM9 and install it..
    Great job BTW!

    Oh, one thing of note the only baseband for that device is fairly old, and is fairly buggy; it never recover cleanly when having been out of coverage for a while…

    1. Hey. It would be AWESOME to have some help on this thing… do you hang out on IRC at all? I am hacking on this thing all alone at the moment; it’s kinda boring. 😛

      Yeah, the RIL seems pretty buggy to me too. Let me know if you need any help getting your build environment up and running, or if you have problems compiling.

      1. Actually I do hang on irc quite a lot on freenode — what channels are there for android stuff =- somewhere quiet-ish? I’m quite good at linux embeded but rather new at android roms… I can be found on #simavr, #mini2440 and a few others 🙂
        And yeah, it turns out I failed at building the rom on my debian (sid) box due to some java-isms so I could use a bit of help there.

        1. Hey, well I’m always in #cyanogenmod-dev and #teamhacksung, those are Android specific. But then there’s #nairobilug (for our Nairobi Linux Users Group), and that one is very quiet. 🙂

          I’ll try to find you on IRC, maybe in #nairobilug, and we can try to fix your Java problem.

  3. I could have the CyanogenMod for this device even though it is not entirely over?
    sorry for my english, I’m Italian

    1. I haven’t published any zip files yet, but the source code is available and I’ve written somewhat of a guide. You could try to build it yourself:

      1. can not do it, if you do not have a hard time could send it to me? thanks in advance

  4. olle y no sabes como para que fecha estara lista la rom, y muy buen trabajo la verdad yo casi no se nada de esto 😉

  5. olle and do not know what date it will be ready for the rom, very good job and I really hardly any of this 😉

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