Wi-Fi working on Tab 7.0 Plus CyanogenMod 9

The Galaxy Tab 7.7s have had Wi-Fi for a week or so now, but I haven’t been able to get it working on the Tab 7.0 Plus. We use the exact same wireless chipset, hardware revision, kernel source, wireless driver, etc… but no go. Today, to my surprise, I turned on my tablet and then […]

Mobile data tracking working on Tab 7 Plus CM9

With Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” came an interesting new feature: mobile data usage tracking. It tracks, graphs, and logs your data usage (and the applications which were responsible for using the data). I just got it working on my alpha CM9 port for the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus… I don’t know how accurate it […]

GSM working on Galaxy Tab 7 Plus CM9 alpha

After much discussion with locerra and poisike on XDA and github, I’ve got GSM telephony and data working on the Galaxy Tab 7 Plus on my super-alpha CyanogenMod 9 port. Check out the thread on XDA forums for more info (and downloads!). Calls, SMS, and USSD requests all seem to be working reasonably well. Here’s […]

CyanogenMod 9 alpha for Galaxy Tab 7 Plus (GT-P6200)

A few weeks ago I started porting CyanogenMod 9 (Ice Cream Sandwich) to the Galaxy Tab 7 Plus. It was a slow start, but after fixing up the touchscreen driver for ICS things started moving much quicker. It has finally reached a state where I feel that it would benefit from public testing (as well […]