Android porting: ueventd parsing order

In a recent CyanogenMod 9 port I needed to set permissions on various device nodes at boot. I knew I needed to use ueventd, but I wasn’t sure which file Android’s ueventd daemon was looking in for device-specific rules. As it turns out, Android’s init system decides which ueventd.*.rc file to parse based on the […]

Enabling logcat on the Huawei U8185

For some reason the geniuses at Huawei decided to disable logcat on the Huawei U8185. No doubt they view it as a security (by obscurity) measure, but it’s really freakin’ annoying as I’m actually trying to do some development on this device. Despite logging being ON in the kernel, logcat is not happy. $ adb […]

CyanogenMod 9 booting on Huawei U8185

It’s booting. It’s not pretty, but it’s booting. All I can see are lines, which seems to indicate a framebuffer format issue. The lines are actually throbbing, though, which looks to me like the CyanogenMod 9 Cid boot animation. 🙂 For what it’s worth, adb shell works. Here you can see the kernel version: [aorth@ndechu: […]

ClockworkMod Recovery for Huawei U8185

Update (Nov, 2012): I’ve posted a much more functional version of ClockworkMod Recovery here. It has a much better user interface and is much easier to work with. I’ve just finished porting ClockworkMod Recovery to the Huawei U8185 (Ascend Y100). It took a bit longer than expected because I didn’t have a stock ROM to […]

Huawei U8185 “Rooted”

z0mg!!!1 I’ve “rooted” the Huawei U8185 (Ascend Y100)! I say “rooted” (in quotes, as opposed to rooted) because it was extremely retarded and didn’t involve anything tricky, l33t, etc. The bootloader is unlocked so flashing a modified kernel and copying /system/bin/su and Superuser.apk is trivial. Trivial as it is, there’s still no easy way for […]