Huawei U8150 merged to mainline CyanogenMod

It’s been exactly one month since I set out to build CyanogenMod 7 for the Huawei U8150. In that time I’ve learned a lot about compilers, git, CyanogenMod, and Android in general. Last night support for the U8150 was merged into the official CyanogenMod git repositories.

U8150 added to CyanogenMod
U8150 added to CyanogenMod (github commit)

Once the port is stable there will be “official” support for the device. Right now it’s only me and tilal6991 working on it, but there have been a few other developers chipping in from time to time since mid 2011 (namely koush and marcnvidic). CyanogenMod really is by the people, for the people (unofficial slogan, coined just now by me).

If you want to keep up to date you should follow me on twitter and check out the CM7 U8150 thread on XDA Developers.

4 thoughts on “Huawei U8150 merged to mainline CyanogenMod

  1. That’s fantastic news! Cyanogenmod is so nice that it’s a huge plus for any device to be included in their mainline tree. Congrats to you and tilal!

    I’m presuming that ultimately from this we might be able to download nightly builds from the cyangenmod website?

    And maybe have an improved shot at getting ICS on the device? (Although I’m a little bit unclear as to whether the U8150 has the necessary hardware and grunt to run ICS smoothly.)

    1. Yeah, it’s great news. The CM guys are really cool, and are actually stoked to get more devices officially supported. I have been pretty busy lately, but yeah, once we iron out some more bugs we’ll talk to the CM guys more to figure out what the next step is. Then we should be able to get nightly builds from their build bot 🙂

      ICS… well, it might run… but hahahahaha. Don’t expect too much. We have a shitty 2009 processor, no GPU, and 256 megs of RAM. Let’s wait and see.

  2. Can you please release your compilations? Your releases seem to be the only ones that work without hassle on my U8150D, apart from the known bugs/broken features.

    I’m already working on open source projects and to become a dev on this would consume time I don’t have.

    Please… pretty please…

    Sorry about leaving posts in other threads, as I got confused over your line separating the comments link and its relationship to its thread.

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