A match made in heaven

Strong Swedish coffee and a full-screen, white-on-black terminal: a match made in heaven. There’s no better way to hack than with a cup of strong Swedish coffee. I’ve got about five kilograms of the stuff on my desk at work:

We have a Swedish guy in the office and whenever he goes home he brings back a boatload of these bricks. I never knew I was a coffee snob until I started drinking this stuff… it’s so good that I have a hard time drinking Dormans or Java House coffee now.

Ironically, the coffee is most probably grown in Kenya (but roasted in Sweden)!

2 thoughts on “A match made in heaven

  1. I tasted Kenyan coffee there (damn expensive) – it did taste and had an effect that was stronger than what you get @ Dormans or Java House. That tells you something about the quality we get here.

    Du bör få några svenska ost att fylla dessa tomma hyllor. Då kommer du att få en “match made ​​in heaven”

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