Calls partially working on U8185 on CyanogenMod 9

I recently got GSM working on the Huawei U8185 on CyanogenMod 9. SMS, USSD, SIM Toolkit, etc were all working, but for some reason making telephone calls wasn’t; the call would initiate, crash to the home screen, and then continue in the background. During the crash the audio would route to the loudspeaker for a […]

RIL working on Huawei U8185 on CyanogenMod 9

It’s still a bit rough, but the RIL is now working on the Huawei U8185 on CyanogenMod 9. As you can see, I have network bars, and an SMS has just come in: I’m using Dazzozo’s prototype HuaweiQualcommRIL class, which he based on CyanogenMod’s QualcommRIL, but added changes from decompiling Huawei’s RIL in the Gingerbread […]

Compiling CyanogenMod 9 for the Huawei U8185

A few months ago I proposed a project to port CyanogenMod 9 (Ice Cream Sandwich) to the Huawei U8185. I got the project started by porting ClockworkMod Recovery, and then got CyanogenMod 9 booting not longer after that. I had some good momentum, but I was alone; not exactly what I had in mind when […]

Mjanja build server 2.0

Last year I set out to build a powerful server for my personal use at home; compiling kernels, hacking on CyanogenMod, and for use as a media server hooked up to my TV. I bought most of the parts in Kenya, just to prove it could be done. It wasn’t cheap, but it was way […]

Android porting: ueventd parsing order

In a recent CyanogenMod 9 port I needed to set permissions on various device nodes at boot. I knew I needed to use ueventd, but I wasn’t sure which file Android’s ueventd daemon was looking in for device-specific rules. As it turns out, Android’s init system decides which ueventd.*.rc file to parse based on the […]