Does your Huawei U8150 support multi-touch gestures?

When I bought my IDEOS, I did so knowing full well that it didn’t support multi-touch gestures. The IDEOS was attractive to me because it is a cheap Android-powered device with relatively-open hardware that would be fun to hack on; I wasn’t expecting this $100 bargain smartphone to support fancy touchscreen behavior! As far as […]

Compiling custom kernels for the Huawei U8150

Last week I talked about my frustration with booting kernels I had personally compiled for my Huawei U8150. Now that I have figured it out, I wanted to document the process so other people can follow along (and let the hoardes of Kenyan hackers take control of their devices!). Tools… Get (and unpack) these first […]

Let the games begin!

After a few hours of toiling in the terminal, I’ve just gotten my Huawei U8150 booting a custom-compiled Froyo kernel. Believe it or not, compiling the kernel was the easy part (I’ll detail that later). The hard part was wading through the Internet trying to figure out the proper way to create a boot.img from […]