Clear Enormous GlusterFS Mount Logs

Today Munin was complaining that a partition is nearly full on one of my servers. Looking at the disk usage graph it kinda seems like a slow loris DOS attack… Sure enough, something has gone and filled up the /var/log partition: $ df -h /var/log/ Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/mapper/vg_root-log 9.9G 9.0G […]

Using swiftclient for Object Storage on OpenStack

I wanted to play with my new account on East African OpenStack provider, specifically to use the OpenStack Swift object storage to do periodic backups from my desktop. I’d used tools like s3cmd to do backups to Amazon S3 object storage, but it doesn’t seem to work with OpenStack’s Swift. python-swiftclient seems to be […]

Hacking on the Eudyptula Challenge

Last weekend a few of us met up at a coffee shop in Nairobi to hack on the Eudyptula Challenge. From their website, the Eudyptula Challenge is: … a series of programming exercises for the Linux kernel, that start from a very basic “Hello world” kernel module, moving on up in complexity to getting patches […]

New Linodes Are Fast!

In April, 2014 Linode rolled out a major infrastructure upgrade for their VPSes. When I saw that their update included SSDs (among other things) on all new instances, my mind instantly went to this dog-slow Tomcat application I currently have running in an Amazon EC2 m1.medium instance. I bought a shiny new Linode 2048 and […]

Tweaking Monit to Avoid False Positives

I use Monit to do lightweight monitoring and alerting for my services. Nothing advanced, just one host running monit which probes other servers via TCP, UDP, ICMP, etc to see if services are accessible. Monit can do much more if you install it on each machine itself, but I’m not interested in that right now […]