Force PHPMyAdmin to use HTTPS

You want to use PHPMyAdmin. You want to force HTTPS so you don’t send plain-text MySQL credentials over the wire/air. You start fiddling with mod_rewrite and troubleshooting your Apache’s myriad of virtual hosts and included config files. There’s a better way! In /etc/phpMyAdmin/, add this to the bottom: $cfg[‘ForceSSL’] = true; I like mod_rewrite and […]

Disabling AES-NI on Linux OpenSSL

Ever since the Sandy Bridge microarchitecture, Intel CPUs have been coming with hardware-accelerated AES support (aka “AES-NI”, new instructions). I figured it would be interesting see a comparison between AES with and without the hardware acceleration on my Intel Core i5-3317U CPU (Ivy Bridge) on Arch Linux. According to a post on the OpenSSL Users […]

Update GlusterFS 3.3.1 -> 3.4.0 on CentOS 6.4 cluster

Notes from the GlusterFS 3.3.1 -> 3.4.0 upgrade on my storage / compute cluster at ILRI, Kenya. I referenced Vijay Bellur’s blog post about upgrading to 3.4, then added my own bits using Ansible for my infrastructure (I gave an overview of my Ansible setup here). Our cluster is comprised of: Three “storage” nodes (gluster […]

Backing Up 389 LDAP

We use 389 LDAP + sssd to handle logins on our research computing cluster at ILRI; users and groups live in 389 and the computing and storage nodes authenticate and do uid/gid lookups using sssd. It’s a really nice setup and Red Hat has done a great job making sure the whole stack works well […]