Nairobi Linux Users Group report for June, 2012

Today was the second meeting of the Nairobi Linux Users Group[1]. As has become the tradition, we met at the Kentucky Fried Chicken on Kimathi Street in downtown Nairobi. Yours truly loves Linux more than any of the other members, so he showed up early (hah!); the others trickled in later according to their own level of love for Linux. 😉

As there was no official agenda we just made small talk about industry happenings, distro news, etc. Some of the more memorable topics include:

  • Design of an official Nairobi Linux Users Group web page (simple, html only)
  • Formation of a Nairobi Android Users Group (to meet once a month, possibly third Saturday of the month?)
  • RaspberryPi, FXI Cotton Candy and other Linux-friendly, low-cost embedded devices
  • Notable features from the recently-released Fedora 17 Final, namely the ability to use Gnome3’s shell without hardware-accelerated 3D
  • Elitist script kiddies on IRC, and how they’re not helpful when you need help the most!
  • Mozilla, open web standards, and the imminent death of Flash

In addition to small talk, everyone was excited at the possibility of organizing some formal activities such as presentations, hackathons, etc. A few suggestions:

  • How to compile Linux kernels
  • How to use git (and obviously github)
  • How to compile Android from source
  • Getting together to run through Linux From Scratch
  • Security

Stay tuned for more developments, and make sure to join the Nairobi GNU group on Google Groups to keep up to date about meetings, events, etc.

[1] I’m not sure if there was ever a Nairobi Linux Users Group before this one, so I’ll just call ours “the” Nairobi Linux Users Group. 😉

8 thoughts on “Nairobi Linux Users Group report for June, 2012

  1. Thanks for the update dude. I missed a great one this time. Loving the ideas floated though…

  2. this is nice, am also into Linux, so for now am just that Ellicit Script Kiddie, but not for long, can u pliz refer to me any software’s i can use to train myself on compiling, debugging, etc

    1. It just takes time, my friend. And you have to break things to learn. First task: set up a good backup plan on a USB disk. Then start messing with your computer. 😀

  3. Dude, this is great. Reminded me of the 1 day hackathon that we had at ILRI, compiling Linux from scratch! That was fun. I am definitely in on the GIT stuff!

    1. Good times. I tried LFS one time again a few months ago, and never finished. We really need to actually finish one of these days!!

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