Picked up a TP-Link MR3420

Today I picked up a TP-Link MR3420; it’s the cheapest router (that I know of) in Kenya that can run OpenWRT. I’ve already got a pretty sweet Buffalo router in my house which serves as my gateway, has 802.11n, gigabit Ethernet, etc, so I want to use this one to experiment with mesh networks.

Technically a “mesh” isn’t what I want (as that refers to ad-hoc wireless networks which have resilient routing), but it’s a good word that conjures a nice graphic of what I do want. More specifically, what I’m after is similar to a cell phone network: you talk talk talk while you’re driving along the highway, passing seamlessly between cell towers, never knowing or caring. Basically, I want to have better coverage in my house, so that all rooms have sufficient wireless signal strength.

I believe what I want is actually “wireless roaming.” I’m not sure how to implement this yet. From talking to some people on the OpenWRT IRC channel, here’s some technologies I’m considering:

More to come. 🙂

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